Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Tushar Enterprises with its unique renewable technology has come up with a concept of setting a new standards.

What is Pyrolysis?
A chemical process in which a compound is converted to one or more products by heat. By this definition, reactions that occur by heating in the presence of a catalyst, or in the presence of air when oxidation is usually a simultaneous reaction, are excluded. The terms thermolysis or thermal reaction have been used in essentially the same sense as pyrolysis.

Pyrolysis Process: In each pyrolysis reactor, catalyst is mixed with scrap tyres, and the temperature is controlled to approximately 450 degrees Celsius at normal atmospheric pressure to allow pyrolysis to take place. Our system is designed in such a way that hot gases (heat) will continuously re(re-circulates from process furnace to pyrolysis reactor 1 through reactor 12. A layer of thermal insulator is covered throughout the entire system to prevent heat energy losses. It enables heat to be conducted in a more effective way and this is indeed a technological breakthrough in the world of scrap tyre pyrolysis.

Availability: Waste tyres spilled around the globe is around 20 million tons and they are considered as hazardous environmental wastage.  Pyrolysis process by many means proved to be one of the best way of recycling the waste tyres.
Pyrolysis system is almost 100% non polluting process and successfully test and approved by almost countries in the world.Advantages of our system

  • The furnace is heated evenly which ensure the safety and the life span of the system
  • Temperature profile can be adjusted easily and readily
  • Energy saving
  • High conversion (high process yield approximately 98% of process process  yield)
  • High production throughput. An average process time per reactor is about 5 hours.
  • High quality standard
  • Slag free, total solution in recycling and no pollution
  • Low capital and operational costs
  • Simple and stable operating system. Only periodic checks are required which allows time for other tasks as it functions safel safely.
  • Worry free investment with a payback period of investment in about 18 months
  • Low maintenance as there is no direct flame used within the reactor chamber
  • The whole system can be delivered and assembled in less than 2 months and each system is provided with a warranty
  • It is a continuous process
  • It provides its own heat energy to power the process
  • Tyres are completely recycled
  • It is a simple process requiring low manning levels

Finished Prodcuts
1) Pyrolysis Oil                  2) Carbon Black                         3) Steel Wire